Aug 28, 2017

Fight Weekend Recap: 8.24-8.27

Las Vegas was home to one of the most anticipated fights in the history of the sport, and Hakkasan Nightclub was home to the best parties of the weekend. Kicking off the iconic weekend, Deorro got the crowd going and took energy levels to an all-time high on Thursday. On Friday, Steve Aoki took over the DJ booth with an incredible set filled with confetti and the artist’s top tracks. Continuing the fight weekend festivities, Travis Scott took to the mic for a special performance on Saturday. Adding to the excitement of his performance, Migos rapper Quavo hopped on stage with Scott and performed a few songs for the stunned crowd. Rounding out the weekend, Borgeous took to the turn tables Sunday and pumped up the crowd for one last, unforgettable night of the weekend.

Deorro 8.24

Steve Aoki 8.25

Travis Scott 8.26

Borgeous 8.27