Billboard Exclusive: Hakkasan's Five Year Anniversary

04.05.18 - 04.08.18

Billboard Exclusive: Hakkasan's Five Year Anniversary

In 2013, Hakkasan Group had a vision to revamp Las Vegas nightlife. Where once magicians, pop stars and variety shows reigned, it envisioned a pyrotechnic-lined pedestal upon which the world’s most popular DJs could shower posh crowds in big room brilliance.

Five years later, that vision has become the platform upon which a multi-million-dollar industry stands strong.

“Hakkasan was designed to be a completely immersive nightlife experience, and it redefined the standard within the Las Vegas nightlife industry,” Hakkasan Group’s Executive Director of Marketing Sal Wise wrote in an emailed statement. “We continue to challenge ourselves by thinking of the best party ideas, amplifying our roster year after year, and providing a superior customer service experience to maintain Hakkasan’s reputation as a leading nightclub.”

As Wise and his team look back on five years of accomplishments, so, too, does Hakkasan’s talent roster reflect on the years gone by. Check them out below, as well as some exclusive photos of the years gone by.

Hakkasan will celebrate its five-year anniversary with a weekend of fun and surprises Thursday to Sunday (April 5-8).


Steve Aoki
“Hakkasan is home for me,” Steve Aoki says. He’s been with Hakkasan nightlife since the beginning. “I look forward to every single show I play there. It truly is one of the premier venues in the world and I’m proud to be part of the team.”


“I’ve said it before, but Las Vegas is a second home to me,” Tiësto echoes. “This place draws people from all over the world to celebrate, dance, and make memories that will last a lifetime. That’s what makes Hakkasan a perfect fit as a home for me and my music. I’m excited to keep being a part of those memories.”


“​It’s been an honor to be included yet again on an incredible roster for Hakkasan’s residency this year,” newcomer Illenium says. “Their hospitality and attention to detail to production, fans and talent has been second to none which always allows me to just focus on what I’m going to perform every night. It’s also been very clear to see that Hakkasan consistently pulls out all the stops making this venue one of the most unparalleled and remarkable clubs around the world. I’m very excited to celebrate their five-year anniversary.”


Lil Jon

“The Hakkasan team welcomed me with open arms,” Lil Jon says. The producer has DJed at Hakkasan since 2014. “They had so many marketing ideas when we first sat down…that helped us to create the best party in Vegas … The energy is always over the top, no matter if it’s considered ‘slow’ season or peak in Vegas.”


“Being a part of Hakkasan Group is a dream come true,” Crankdat says. “Hakkasan is a venue I’ve known of since I first started making dance music, and it has always been a goal of mine to play there. It’s an honor to be a resident there alongside so many of my biggest influences.”

​“Being a part of the Hakkasan family is absolutely incredible,” Zedd says. “There’s always such great energy from the crowd at every single show. It’s unlike any other place I’ve experienced.”