Crankdat Pushes to "Pick It Up"


Crankdat Remixes Famous Dex

Undoubtedly the biggest wave in 2018, hip hop’s massive resurgence has not gone unnoticed as Hakkasan resident DJ, Crankdat, flips the Famous Dex banger “Pick It Up” on its head in his latest remix. Heavy with horns, 808s, and hyphy lyrics, the up-and-coming Clevelander maintains his eclectic approach by turning rap into trap and giving Electric Daisy Carnival another “re-crank” sure to be featured during his set at the Basspod. Softening up a second portion, the hard-hitting track brings a future bass feel as Crankdat showcases his creativity from start to finish. For future Crankdat news, stick with Hakkasan as we strive to deliver superlative talent at Las Vegas’ most prodigious nightclub.