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Private Table Dance Floor |


Overlooking the main level of the nightclub is the mezzanine on the fifth level, providing an area for guests who desire a more private VIP environment while still having access to the energy of the main club. Boasting oversized VIP booths surrounding the perimeter of the dance floor and two semi-private rooms complete with customizable screens, coolers, sound control and mixology supplies to adequately accommodate larger groups.

Hakkasan Tour

Dance Floor Private Table Private Table Pavilion |

Main Room & Pavilion

Adjacent to the main nightclub is the Pavilion, a nightlife experience with an outdoor feel featuring an oriental garden, classic to its Chinoiserie design.

The space operates as an extension of the main nightclub or individually. Equipped with a dedicated DJ booth, the Garden Bar, an amphitheater-style setting, a visually stunning two-story water feature and lush life-like foliage completes what is Vegas’ most unique and immersive space.

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Dance Floor Private Table Lounge |

Ling Ling Club & Lounge

As you ascend to the third level the first nightlife elements are unveiled. Located steps above the restaurant’s main dining room the Ling Ling Club features two bars lining the space providing guests with an unrivaled nightlife experience. Adorned in soothing blue hues, the club exudes a modern ethnic flow enhanced with private seating areas sprawled across the room.

Located on the third level Ling Ling Lounge is the captivating private-like environment of Hakkasan, curated to esteemed guests seeking a more intimate and relaxed experience. The lounge creates the perfect environment for guests wanting to continue their evening out with an after-dinner cocktail and socialize in its unique and relaxed ambiance.

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Private dining |

Hakkasan Restaurant

As guests make their way from the main dining room upstairs to the second level, they are welcomed into the Private Dining Room. In addition to our custom made private dining table this elaborate space provides a private lounge enveloped in white marble and mirrors, fitted with plush couches and comfortable accent chairs.

Hakkasan’s second level was designed as a private dining oasis designed for restaurant guests to relax after their meal or provide a more intimate setting for socializing.

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Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area |

Hakkasan Restaurant

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an entrance enveloped in shades of blue signature to the brand, ambient sounds, scents and lighting, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Located on the first level is the main dining area known as the “cage”, separated by dark oak latticing which creates intimate dining spaces within the main room while still sharing the mood of the entire dining area. The space is designed to immerse you and your guests in an environment like no other.


Main Floor & Pavilion
Ling Ling Loung & Club
Private Dining

Hakkasan Tour

Main Room & Pavilion
Ling Ling - Lounge & Club
Private Restaurant

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